2022 Review

As the year comes to a close, it’s a good time to reflect on what we’ve learned at The Modern Brewhouse.

This year, we saw an increase in small to medium craft brewers seeking consulting services on oxygen mitigation techniques.

While there is still a lot of misinformation to navigate, we’ve noticed that opponents of these methods are starting to use fewer ad hominem attacks, which is a positive development.

We’re happy to report that member beer quality is at an all-time high. A year ago, we couldn’t have imagined reaching the level of quality we have today. By using scientific methods and precision, we’ve been able to reconstruct and improve our brewing processes. While larger breweries may have an advantage due to their scale, we have some unique tricks up our sleeves as well.

Our private yeast strain collection continues to grow, with the addition of TMB-309 Plastikziege, another Bavarian lager strain. Shouldn’t be too hard to figure this one out.

This year, our annual World Beer Meeting meetup was held in Munich, and members from various countries gathered to calibrate their palates. We were fortunate to have a private tour at the Weihenstephaner Brewery with Head Brewer Tobias, who has been a great resource for us.

One member even took tasting notes and posted them on the forums for every beer they drank during their visit.

While the forums have slowed down in recent years, with more daily banter happening on Discord, the resources on the forums are still valuable. We encourage members to continue participating in discussions and sharing their insights and experiences.

Thanks to all, and here’s to 2023!