The EASY Fast Ferment Test (FFT)

People think doing a FFT is super tedious and a pain in the @$$! But today I am going to tell you a super easy way!

On day 2 of your main fermenting batch, simply pull 100ml or so from the main batch ( if you have a fermenter with a valve, super simple). If you have a stir plate, place it on there, or just simply bring it to the kitchen and swirl it every time you walk by. I use the stir plate method. NOTE: Keep in mind that in some cases, the action of the stirplate may give FFT values lower than the actual batch. It’s important to compare the FFT to the main batch and determine a delta between the two if you end up using a stirplate on a regular basis.

I get it going as fast as it can. 1 day later I am at FG. I then use this to determine my time to spund. It is an added step, but it will help you nail those spund timings.