Fermenter to Keg Spunding

For Traditional Fermenter to Keg:

  • Jumper fermenter output to Keg liquid out
  • Jumper blowoff to Keg gas in post
  • Close receiving vessel and attach spunding assembly
  • Set spunding assembly to desired pressure setting (start with 0.8 bar)

This example uses a brewbucket and a corny keg, but the method can be used on any fermenter to any keg. For instance in a fermenter without a spigot, you can use any method you normally do to siphon, and then just open the PRV on the keg to allow the co2 to escape.


Your spunding pressure is going to vary with the temperature at which you allow fermentation to finish. For ales we like to use 30psi (68f) and lagers I like to use 10psi (45-47F), so make sure and set appropriately.


Here is how cloudy my beer is on spund:

Spund valve parts list:


1/4″ SS T


1/4″ to Flare Fitting SS

Happy Spunding!