Grain Conditioning

Grain Conditioning

Here are some advantages that go along with grain conditioning:

  • Allows for coarser crush
  • Coarser crush improves lautering
  • Coarser crush inhibits LOX
  • Improves husk elasticity
  • Produces undamaged husk
  • Allows for tighter gap on mill
  • Yield and attenuation increase
  • Conversion efficiency increases
  • Conversion duration decreases
  • Preservation of husk can improve stability
  • Crush as close to dough-in as possible
  • Use 1-2% water by weight

Here is what Kai has to say on the subject: Braukaiser – Malt Conditioning

A quick video overview on the subject, showing how easy it really is!:

The Beerery – Measuring Grains

Same mill gap, non-conditioned vs conditioned.

nonconditionedhand conditionedhand