Low Oxygen Brewing Software Version 7.0

We’d like to take a second to introduce our major revision to the Low Oxygen Brewing Software. It represents the culmination of all our major milestones from a process standpoint and it has some features that are not found in any other sheet. It supports both Low Oxygen and Traditional brewing methods that utilize “No-Sparge” mashing.

Let’s take a look:

Main Menu

This is purely a navigation screen. There are button click navigation points throughout the entire sheet.


Field Manual

The field manual offers some guidance and instruction on the various pages of the sheet. Be sure to use it in conjunction with the in sheet cell comments as well.

Brewhouse Inputs

Brewhouse Inputs is where you set your equipment profile and some other key information for the sheet. It should be your first stop when entering a new brew session.


The water section includes source water entry, mash acid entry, sauergut and sauermalz entry, mash pH estimation, and mineral additions entry. There is also a water profile tracking chart.

Wort Production

The wort production tab is where you enter recipe information and mash schedule information. Volume, gravity and wort color for this stage are all displayed along with a mash schedule graph for high level overview.


The boil section is where hops, mineral acids for kettle and knockout, Sauergut for kettle and knockout, Sinamar, flavorings, and kettle finings are entered. Original gravity, pre- and post-boil volumes, kettle and knockout pH estimations (as well as user fields for quick pH adjustments), and final beer color are all displayed here.


The fermentation tab features a fully functional quick viability calculator and direct pitch estimator, yeast starter calculator, and “Short Hand” cell count viability calculator. Attenuation and ABV are both estimated and given actual values here as well.

Transfer and Packaging

The transfer and packaging section assists in determining transfer gravities, spunding PSI, carbonation targets, and hybrid spunding/priming calcs for bottlers. There is also an integrated “Fermentation Purge” DO estimator and a bottling statistics table.

Visual and Printable Summaries

The visual summary is just that: a high level visual overview of the session. The printable summary is a brewday tracking sheet.


The database tab allows the user to store and recall specific malt, hop, spice, fining, and sugar information for use in the dropdowns in the sheet.


Enjoy! Please report any issues at the forum.

Here is the link to our brewing references. The download link is at the top of the page.