New Year Update

It’s been awhile since any articles and updates have been posted, but trust me, we have not stopped pushing the envelope in the least. However, early last year we switched our model. Which is now paid monthly access.

The forum holds most of the expansive tests and trials, but since we have switched to a pay to play model, going forward, this is where 99% of the information will stay. This model was tested and we found it helps our smaller group with laser focus, because we don’t have to deal with the “noise and static”. Not only that we now have community group buys on stuff that is exclusive to only professionals, a community in process DO meter, Community Sieves, Community Library (with all the literature in our resources page), and are nearing completion of a large N=100 enzyme test which will revolutionize wort and starter making.

Most if not all of the articles and data here are still valid, but as you can see they are dated. Most of all of them have been updated/enhanced since.

So I guess this will be short and sweet, updates on the blog will be few and few between, and the forum holds all the current methods and procedures. If you are looking for the most up to date information from us, packages start at $5/mo and go up from there. Even at $5/mo you will learn more in a day here, than the years you wasted paying the AHA for cheap and easy drivel. If you want to make the best beer humanly possible, this is the only place you will find that obtainable.