Save the Date 3/4/2018.

We have been busy in the lab! Because of this we have some fun and exciting things coming down the pipe here in the new year. Firstly, we were asked (and obliged) to write a feature article for BYO, where we gave an overview the process at more of a high level and disseminating the proper, most current info to people about this method of brewing. This is for the March/April issue, so it should hit shelves mid February. After giving everyone some time to digest, we wanted to have a live Q&A session about that and/or any questions people had.

Secondly, as people may have seen, a certain high end equipment manufacturer is now making some modern brewing specific equipment. We have been in works for awhile with them, and are very hopeful to have some information on some specific and purpose built vessels and systems for this Hangout as well.

We will be doing a live Google Hangout video/chat session (don’t need to have a gmail account, just visit the link). Add it to your calenders! Should be a good time, and maybe a prize or 2 will be given away.. you never know 😎

We scheduled this at this time to make sure our large eastern population can make it as well!

Click the link below to add it right to your calendar!

We have also added a static calendar page to help keep up with whats going on here!

Calendar Link to Website

Also! Be on the look out for our completely new and truly one of kind, all in one, no holds barred brewing sheet. We have been working tirelessly to revamp and solidify this unique sheet. It will be a sight to see!

Raise a glass to a great 2018.