2022 Mid Year Update

Like that the summer has come and almost gone. They say, time flies when you are having fun, and that couldn’t be more true here. Large numbers of members are making the best beer they have ever, and that includes myself. We discovered some more of the key points in the process that really contribute to beer flavors we revere. I don’t use the term game changer often, but, honestly it really is. Chalk it up to another “hidden in plain sight” revelation.

We are seeing some fantastic results with our proprietary yeast strains, and have been collecting a lot of great data. The ability for homebrewers to be able to get fresh cultures of yeast grown up for them on demand, and directly shipped is such a great perk. I’m happy to say I have brewed world class beers with every strain in our repertoire. It should go without repeating, but I will state it again. These are not just rebranded standard strains. Each of our strains has a unique lineage, paperwork and is professionally banked with our yeast partner.

Yeast harvesting, repitching, and yeast brinks, have also been a large portion of recent discussions.

While we still have the traditional forum type setup, we have also been spending time growing our “live” format on discord. We have an active bunch of guys there constantly helping, and giving feedback. It’s also a great place to just hang out and BS about pretty much anything. It really helps bring comradery and some great friendships.

We still have weekly WBM’s (World Beer Meetings) with our membership across the world. The discord and the WBM’s, have actually culminated into in person WBM’s where members have flown and got together at beer spots across the US. How cool is that?!

HBC has come and gone as well, with some our members getting gold in the final rounds. It was once said, “show us some medals with these methods then we will talk”. How many hundreds of those you want to see? A few hundred? World beer cups? GABF? Ok, we have those too. Hopefully we are past that point though, and these scientifically proven methods and processes are less “triggering” now. I guess time will tell.

Lastly, membership perks are constantly being added. Be it like the yeast bank, digital library, tool shop, live troubleshooting, live brewing, and countless others. As proven by the medals above, if you want to brew the best beer possible, we are here.