2022 Q1 Update

At this point if you are not bewildered by the amount of progress and forward movement we make here, I don’t know what to tell you.  Q1 of 2022 is already wrapping up and boy has it been a great year thus far!

The fermentation studies have made a re-appearance in an exciting way.  After thorough forum research we are left trying to understand pressure fermentation.  Currently, we are testing head pressure to emulate the hydrostatic pressure in macro sized CCV’s.  We are using this head pressure to test changes in sensory analysis on esterification and beer quality.  Interestingly, but not surprising for us, this launched a more in-depth large scale study.

The teaser for this is we have partnered with a large and exceptional brewing equipment manufacturer for ultra-high end unitanks, which will allow us to ferment with a pressure up to 2 bar.  This combined with more in process measurements and precise regulation of pressure will provide a truly fascinating experience to watch live on the Fermentation Studies page. In addition to this, we have also partnered with a cutting edge University to get these beers tested with gas chromatography mass spectrometry (GC-MS).  We will be splitting batches under pressure and fermented without pressure to perform sensory analysis testing.  However, since we are aware of the limitations and poor results of others solely using this method, we will be augmenting GC-MS to achieve the most robust dataset possible. 

With the bio-reactors, that’s just one variable we will be testing. We have a myriad of variables we want to analyze beyond just pressure fermentation. Additional tests we will carry out will be: carbonation DO pickup, dry hopping DO pickup and yeast DO pickup amongst others. All of these will include GC-MS data which is rarely done in the “professional” brewing world and COMPLETELY unheard of in the homebrew world!

Focusing on fermentation studies, these will all be completed with OUR yeast strains.  We have also increased our proprietary yeast bank with 5 new strains for 2022, making a total of 7 TMB proprietary strains available to members.

  • TMB-162 Kölner Karnival
  • TMB-163 Düsseldorf
  • TMB-306 Bavarian Dark
  • TMB-307 Hell
  • TMB-308 Franconia

As with our other strains these are PURE, VERIFIABLE, UNMOLESTED strains, unavailable to home brewers and commercial brewers.  These strains are banked with our sole provider of yeast and only available to TMB members. The yeast is then directly propagated and shipped, which is unprecedented!

We are still perfecting the mashing regimen to reliably target and predict apparent attenuation.  I would add that we are very consistent with this.

II like to keep these short and sweet and as I always say “the most current up to date data is on the forum”!