2022 Update

As said previously these updates will be few and far between since everything that needs be said is on the forum. With that out of the way, here is your first quarter update for 2022.


We continue to be the tip of the spear on Malt, Malting and enzymatic activity enhancement. We can now nearly predict and target specific attenuation levels. This is not a yeast strain specific selection. This is beta amylase levels from mashing driving attenuation.


Speaking of yeast, our lager strain is simply killing it. It is out performing our expectations, and everyone is loving it. It’s your one stop strain for Lager brewing. In that same vein we are happy to introduce a new strain to our growing private catalog, TMB Classic.

TMB Classic is as quintessential to German brewing as lager, simply, you can’t have one without the other.

For those that don’t know, when we smuggled our first yeast though the walls of some suspect places, we brought along another essential German yeast, as they are two peas in a pod. Because you can’t have lager without Hefeweizen, it’s as simple as that.

As private forum members you have access to this fresh, pure, unadulterated, and verifiable strain.

This yeast pairs perfectly with the Beer Advocate post I was asked to make, that is located here.


We are also working on propagating a banked sauergut strain. This is the first of its kind in the USA, that we are aware of! It is currently banked in our vault, and once propagated our members will have exclusive access, to this one of kind strain.

Other Member Benefits

We have the TMB tool shed– Chocked full of in process and other highly desired meters and tools ( in process DO, PH, Microscopes, etc).

I started the new TMB scholarship, which gives any member(s) money to research/purchase desired mediums, tools, products to further our knowledge of our brewing community.

The TMB Library – It has every professional brewing book out there currently. It also has literal hundreds of scientific papers, that are updated monthly and ever growing.

Alternate Hop growing methods – members have came up with some brilliant way to grow hops, and maximize yields.

The World Beer Meeting – We have weekly video sessions on Saturdays 7pm CDT with people with brilliant minds from around the world talk about beer, life, and god knows what else.

Closing Thoughts

This was just a short and quick note of the goings on here at TMB. We have years worth of data and research on the forums for the members. As I have said before, a day on our forum will teach you more than you could ever learn in a lifetime browsing other forums, regardless of ones current knowledge level.

Join the patreon, and take a rocket ship to the brewing moon.