Low Oxygen Quick Reference Spreadsheet

The past month or so has been pretty busy for me: putting out the “Water” spreadsheet, trying to maintain the main Low Oxygen Brewing spreadsheet, etc.

One thing that has come to light is that it is difficult to maintain all the various Excel sheets I have produced over the past year. As I revise the main Low Oxygen brewing sheet, and field questions regarding the standalone “Water” sheet, it has become clear that combining the two into a more user friendly form, rather than breaking out the water portion separately, is truly the way to go. With that said, I have revived an old sheet to help people get past some of the calculations for Low Oxygen brewing. Enter the Quick Reference sheet.

This sheet originally came about through some conversations on the GBF a while back when Mr. Chrispen put together a static, table based chart for NaMeta dosing. In an effort to help out, and because I enjoy making dynamic spreadsheets in Excel, I put together a user interface for his tables.

It is a simple sheet that has sections for the No-Sparge and Sparge Brewers. One can input NaMeta separately, or use the custom “Trifecta” calculator to find the dosing for NaMeta, AA and BTB. It accommodates the metric Brewer as well. There is an infusion calculator for those looking to step mash with coolers. It also allows the user to input a color in SRM and see the reduction from Low Oxygen methods. It has all the major points in a convenient sheet.

This may be a good resource for the casual observer of our conversation at the AHA forum looking to try some of the stuff out without having to commit fully to our brewing software. I will going back to just No-Sparge capability on the main software, as it is more in line with our recommendations, so this sheet may serve those who Sparge as well. I hope you find it useful.