A Low Oxygen Brewday

One of the biggest hurdles for people wanting to try low oxygen Brewing methods and processes, is that they think its either too difficult or too time consuming, or worse yet, both! Yesterday I brewed a Helles. I put up a bunch of cameras, and streamed it to youtube so everyone can see what a low oxygen lager brewday looks like!

Hopefully this will help people see its not really any longer or more difficult than any normal brew day.  I made sure to just take my time and not rush anything and clocked in at 5hrs and 30 minutes. That time includes… Preboil, grain conditioning, Hochkurz step mash, all wort ramps and heating at 1c/min, chill to 50f, a 30+ minute cold trub separation rest and clean up. It’s basically from lights on to lights out on a brew day. This post will be pretty simple in the fact that I will let the video do most of the leg work.

For those interested in the recipe it is simply 74% pilsner malt, 15% pale ale malt, 10% carafoam, 1%caramunich III. 17ibus.

OG 1.046, FG1.009.

Normal speed full session:

6x Super speed full session: